Tree decals for nursery and kid’s rooms are widely used nowadays in the interior design and DIY home makeover industries. It is popular for a few reasons: easy application and removal, reasonable price and less hassle as compared to buying new furniture or repainting the walls.

Wall decals, sometimes referred to as wall stickers or tattoos, provide the option of letting you give your living rooms, bedrooms as well as kitchens and bathrooms a fresh new look all with minimal cost and effort. With a variety of designs and prices available in the market, you are sure to find one that best suits your preference. You can now add your own personal flair to your home and let the walls express your style, mood and personality. The kids are guaranteed to love decals, too! From cute little animals to their favorite colorful cartoon characters, wall stickers can be a great source of fun and imagination for all kids or kids at heart.

Having read that myself immediately made me want to grab the first decal I see and stick it on my wall. However, for best results, it is strongly advised to carefully plan out the details and designs of your tree decal wall art, to ensure better color, size and theme coordination of the stickers. I also love combining design with functionality. In my quest for practical tree decals, I found the following sensible uses for these lovely tree stickers.


Educational Tree Decals For Kids

Tree decals are a great way to learn about different types of trees. This will come handy once the children start taking this up at school. Create a forest right in the comforts of your own home by sticking various tree decals on the walls. Together, walk along your forest and identify the names and types of the trees and discuss their characteristics and differences. This will increase your child’s chances to retain information and master the subject because it offers a more interesting and interactive learning experience as opposed to the usual study session. This is also an early opportunity to educate them about caring for our environment.


Coat Hangers and Bookshelves Tree Decals for Nursery

Tree decals are stylish and trendy ways to incorporate hooks and shelves that is ideal in making coat hangers, bookshelves and toy storage more pleasing to the eye.


Tree Stickers As Family Trees

il_fullxfull.293884581Photos and picture frames are great, instant ways to boost and enhance the look of any living room, but I suggest taking it to a higher, more creative level by utilizing tree wall stickers as family trees. Arrange the corresponding images accordingly on the roots, trunks, branches, leaves and fruits of the tree. This is an incredible way to remember ancestors, introduce genealogy and teach the importance of valuing family roots to your children.


Height Chart Tree Decals For Nursery

Monitor your little girl or little boy’s growth with a wonderful tree height chart. Its bright colors and vibrant patterns indeed make it the perfect addition to any kid’s bedroom or playroom.

If these still aren’t enough to satisfy your new-found love of tree decals for nursery and kids, try asking crafty friends and relatives for ideas or searching online stores on Etsy or Pinterest for tons of other inspiration.